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What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! [Jan. 16th, 2006|12:30 am]
[music |Marvin Gaye - What's Going On]

I didn't think that it was gonna be this long until I made another entry, but oh well. Anyway, starting off from where I last off, it was summer.. I'll sum it up quickly, went to summer school at Mt. SAC to take Spanish II, since UCLA has this really gay system that says you have to have at least a score of 4 on the AP or 5 on the IB Spanish exam to waive the foreign language requirement, and I got a 1(yes, you heard that right) and 4 respectively. But in the end, it was still great, as Spanish II was very fun. It's probably the only class where I can seriously say that I was the best out of all of the students, and I also got to change my name as well! Since the teacher wanted everyone to be accustomed to typical Spanish names, everyone had to adopt a Spanish name, and I got Dos Equis, the destroyer of worlds. Too bad she wouldn't let me change it to Tres Equis, though. The downside, I guess, is that there was this one really hot white girl with glasses in the class, and I only know the Spanish name she adopted, Felicia, not her actual name, blah. Other than that, other things notable in the summer were AX2005, which admittedly wasn't as great as last years, but I went there this year mainly for the Smash tournament, which in retrospect, was actually a really bad idea, since it didn't really give me any time to enjoy the con. In addition, at least 200 people showed up for the tournament, and there were only three Gamecubes... so you can imagine how long it took, the first round of elimination took three hours, and by then, most people had left. Most people there really sucked too. In the end, I got beaten by a decent Fox, which normally wouldn't be so bad except that he was a fucking furry(he had the tail, and everything too). So that's basically it for the summer.

Now for the stuff that really matters, the school year! Living in DeNeve is so much better than Hedrick; the distance really makes a big difference, as well as the convenience of having a dining hall that actually serves breakfast, and not having to deal with public restrooms. It's such greatness. Roommates are awesome; Wenbo is a very funny person, and I love how he tries to educate me how modern hip-hop and Asian music is good, while in response I educate him about how much it sucks, haha, and Dhira brings a very interesting perspective to our little group of friends, him being a foreign student and all, but he's probably still more cultured than some of us(like Wes :P). Since both my roommates are fairly avid followers of basketball, I'm actually considering trying to get decent in that game now, although I have no idea if it'll go anywhere. The floor A5 is also all sorts of awesome; Amber is a great RA, as she really does show concern for everyone, and her open door game was really fun, as it really brought out the competitive nature in everyone. Lots of great people too, and I love how everyone on the floor is really good at Basketball.

As for the fall quarter, it was probably one of my best. What sucked, though, was having 8:00 AM classes nearly every day with Physics, although the class itself was great, as I finally got revenge for my horrid grade in Mechanics. 30B Chem was ownage, with more crazy mechanisms for us to learn, and I came into the final with a pretty solid grade, only to totally forget everything and have it lowered. Differential Equations was a very, very gay class, as our homework averaged a length of 3 pages per assignment, and the professor Navasca was honestly just a really uptight person who didn't like helping the students. I also hear that she subbed for the 33A Linear Algebra class on one day and ended up calling everyone in the class an idiot, haha. And finally, my favorite class, History of Rock 'n Roll, which I had wanted to take last year, but it filled up waaay too quickly. Anyway, the name of this class was really misleading, as it's more like History of American Music, but that was actually better for me, as it was certainly very educational and I have a much bigger appreciation of 1940's music now.

As for classes this quarter, I guess I'll describe them next update when I have more material, haha. Anyway, after the fall quarter came a very unproductive Winter Break. I guess the only notable thing was Christmas, where we celebrated at a friend's house with some nice barbeque, much better than home cooking. I got to play Trivial Pursuit with a bunch of people there, and am quite proud that I owned them every time in the music category. Although I'm still pissed that I didn't get the American Pie question(if you're wondering, the question was what car Don McLean drove in the song), at least I still go the Jethro Tull question, haha. Didn't do much on New Years, but it was nice to see Dick Clark back on ABC again, even though I think he at one point flubbed up the countdown.

Oh yeah, random funny thing that happened, but me and Stephanie from the floor were once discussing what our favorite bands were since I was making fun of hers so much, so me being the music snob that I am refused to give away any of my preferences(a little something I learned from David Thorpe, ahaha), and then she asks me what group out there right now really, really sucks. And I then look around my brain for all the names that I've compiled throughout this past year, and randomly spout one out: The Black Eyed Peas. And then her facial expression changes from that of amusement to pure malice, and then she says, "They're my favorite group" and then I just start laughing endlessly because she's gotta be joking. I remember last summer, I was bored one day, so I was watching some television, and came upon this program that was sponsored by Pepsi, which was a program that just had a lot of popular groups performing in concert one right after another. First up was Simple Plan, and the minute I saw that faggy blond singer run up and down the stage, with microphone flailing all around his face and trying to get the audience to participate, I already knew what the song was gonna sound alike, and sure enough, after 3 minutes and a lot of emo whining from the vocalist and some pseudo playing from the rest of the group, the song came out exactly as I had thought. Then comes The Black Eyed Peas, and I then see this saucy girl begin dancing on the stage like she's having a fucking seizure and a bunch of guys saying "Let's get it started!" over and over and over again. Then comes commercial break, and I then think to myself that this is the most hilarious thing that I've ever seen on television. Pepsi were geniuses; they took some of the worst bands ever, with no talent whatsoever, and made them perform on a fake concert with tons of wailing and screaming teenagers swooning everywhere to show us just how low our society's musical standards have stooped to. I mean, this just had to be a joke, there was no way that these groups were for real. Then later on I discovered that they were for real, and really were legitimately performing that kind of noise, and making loads of money off of it, and I just lost all faith in humanity. But anyway, back to the present, Steph then gets all mad at me, and then says that I don't know them at all, and then recommends me a song, "Where Is The Love", since apparently it's her favorite song or something. Later on, Luis would eventually ask me to get all the Black Eyed Peas albums for him, and so I do get them all, and I then take the chance to listen to the song, you know because since Steph recommended it, it can't be all that bad, right? I look at the tracklist of one of their albums, and notice that they collaborated with James Brown on one track, so I'm thinking to myself that maybe I could give them a chance. So I then listen to Where Is The Love, along with snippets from the other albums... and my opinion of them just gets worse. Haha. I'm sorry ears, I'll never do that to you guys again.

Anyway, there's one last thing I should mention, which is the New Year's resolutions.
1.Get better at everything. Yes, everything, that includes grades, fitness, Guilty Gear, general knowledge, musical knowledge, etc..
2.Read more. I haven't really sat down and read a book that wasn't required by school in a while, so I should start doing this more often.
3.On a related note, write more. The only time I ever get to seriously write are in this journal, and most of the time my writing is a jumbled mess, so I should work on that. I really do envy people who write well, and that's something I've wanted to do for a long time.
4.I've put it off for a while, but become a musician again. Even though it would be nice to have a guitar, I'd settle for re-learning the piano again. Of course, this means I have to re-learn music theory.
5.Procrastinate less. Of course, I put this resolution on every year, so hopefully it'll work this time around, haha.
6.Play more sports! I need to get pro at Basketball, so I can stand a chance in the games that we play all the time.
7.Add to this list
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The obligatory entry about college [Jun. 25th, 2005|06:19 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |L'Arc~en~Ciel - New World]

The first year of college is finally over, and it's been really great. This last quarter was my worst academically, but I still had fun just the same. Finals week was just hell, and I'm definitely going to have to make sure that I keep up with everything so that I don't have to do all this crazy catching up in the one week span ever again. Anyway, so we finally got rid of that stupid Jacky kid when his parents came over for their visit, thank god, and I finally got to witness the beautiful sight of both of his parents literally kicking his ass all over their hotel room when we told them about the atrocities that he had committed. During the finals week, I wanted to get a couple of final pictures of everyone before we left, but I had a final schedule that was spread out evenly over five days, while everyone else ended on Wednesday, so I had to miss out on the party that they threw on the day that I had to study for Organic Chemistry :(. Oh well. In other news, I finally finished watching Beck after putting it off for so long.. nice series, and the cameo appearance of a very special band in the final episode was a great touch. Oh yeah, and the new L'Arc~en~Ciel album is out, and it's great as usual.

Anyway, to continue on with the entry, my first year of college is over, and so I've made a bunch of observations about college life, some of the weird quirks in it, and some stuff that is UCLA specific, in this entry. These will probably change in the years to come.

Dining Halls The dining hall is probably the first major point of difference for any college student's life. Instead of eating most of your meals at home cooked by the 'rents, now you're eating a buffet every meal of the week. Whether this is a good thing or not is really up to personal opinion, but I enjoyed it, as the dining hall food was infinitely better than my Mom's crappy cooking(it's a mean thing to say, but it's true, lol). But what is most important about it is that it allows you to eat with your friends much more. See, back in high school, you ate with your friends every day for lunch, but it was only for like half an hour before everyone's next class started, and ten out of those thirty minutes were spent waiting in line to buy the cafeteria food. And if you wanted to eat dinner with them, you had to have everyone drive somewhere or have one person with a car pick up everyone. Now, though, you just have to call everyone(or wait for the call) and have everyone walk to the designated dining hall. It's great.

However, with this, comes another weird consequence: eventually, you're going to have to eat alone. In high school, no one ever eats alone, as there was always someone you could sit next to, and if you couldn't do that, then there was always some stupid club meeting that you forgot to go to that you could go to now. In college, though, everyone has a different schedule, so eventually there's going to be a time where everyone has a class to go to, while it's your free hour, which means you gotta eat alone. It's weird.

Even though I stated that the dining hall food was much better than my homemade food, there are some occasions where the dining hall food becomes truly inedible. Basically, the basic rule is that anytime there is an item with either the words corned beef, brisket, tandoori chicken, and chinese pepper steak in it is a time to stay away.

And finally, eventually during your career as a college student, you're going to be careless and drop the tray while in the dining hall. It could either happen if it's Beef Ribs night, and you've stacked up like 5 heavy plates on your tray, or if you put a bunch of pizzas and your drink on the tray that don't coincide with the tray's center of mass(that's mechanics for you). Either way, it's embarrassing. What's amazing, though, is that college students have all subconsciously developed a clapping system. By this, I mean, that when someone in the dining hall drops their tray, sometimes a bunch of people will clap for this, applause for a job well done of self embarrassment. How this system works, is that whenever a hot girl or a member of the football team drops their tray, there will be applause all around, but when a regular person or a retarded Asian dude(like me), drops their tray, then there will be silence, except for the couple next to you whispering to themselves how they're going to kick your ass later.

Cliques I had been told before that college would be a place where all types of people would intermingle, and that the cliques from middle and high school would disappear. Booooy, has that been wrong. Actually, the cliques have only gotten stronger. I do admit, though, that I was fooled into thinking that the earlier statement was true during Orientation, because everyone was so friendly and open during then. It was actually kinda scary. For example, I was once at Rieber, eating alone at a table, until a bunch of white guys at a nearby table then ask me if I can join them. I mean, think about this, I'm an Asian guy eating quietly alone at a table, why the hell would they want to eat with me? To my horror, I would soon find the answer to this question. So obviously turning them down would be rude, so I move my tray over there, and they immediately start talking about Ben Affleck and their favorite movies starring him. "Oh God, I'm surrounded by a bunch of homosexuals, I have to get out of here now!" was the first thing that came to my head, so I made up an excuse and bolted out of there.

Anyway, as weird as the cliques are, I do appreciate them for one thing, and that is hot girls. Hot girls tend to be really popular, and since there are so many here at UCLA, they also tend to stick together. So what happens is that while I'm walking to class or eating at the dining hall, and I see a hot girl, I slow down, and survey my environment more carefully, as chances are, there's like 3 or 4 more nearby. It's great.

Classes I never understood why every single classroom in our school still uses chalkboards. I mean, whiteboards are so much better, they're generally more clear, you have a wider range of colors to use, are easier to erase, and leave less of a mess, while chalkboards require you to dirty your hands and are a pain in the ass to erase. I guess it's just tradition.

Most teachers in high school just have Bachelors or Masters degrees, so college for a lot of people will be the first time in meeting a real professor. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean their teaching ability is any better. For some reason, and I don't know if this applies to other colleges or not, but the majority of professors are foreign, at least for all the classes that I've taken, which are science/math classes. I haven't had a single American professor yet, and it's starting to disturb me.

Inevitably, every student is going to have bad professors, but the situation is different from having a bad teacher in high school. Here in college, you're paying for your education. So it's a paradox to decide what to do when your professor really sucks. You want to skip their lecture because they suck so much so that you can use the time to study for other classes, but at the same time, your parents are paying tons of money for you to be taking the class, so skipping the lecture would be like wasting your parents' money. In the end, it's a decision to weigh out whether it's worth the money to go to lecture. 2nd quarter, for example, I didn't go to Chemistry lecture at all for the last six weeks, because I realized that going to lecture only served to confuse me more and make me forget more stuff, haha.

Dorm life Living in the dorms for the most part is the same for everyone: it takes a little while to get used to, but after that phase is over, it's smooth sailing. One thing that I've noticed is that all the male RA's are gay. It's strange, all the female RA's are normal, but then you meet the male RA's and you think that they are about to audition for Queer Eye. It's creepy. Then comes one of the worst pranks that God can ever pull on us: on each floor, all of the girls' periods will suddenly synchronize. So yeah, if you ever go to your floor and see a bunch of girls gathering in a room or something, and they're all silent and brooding, then the best thing to do is to just get away as fast as possible, lol.

The Arcade Obviously, the majority of people that you're going to see in here are Asian nerds that know the timing and precision of every air combo for Magneto and Sentinel in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. But aside from those, occasionally a black guy will walk in, and that's when things get interesting. Black guys, for some reason, completely wipe the floor with everyone in DDR. Which is weird when you think about it, considering that it's a Japanese game, you'd expect Japanese dudes and Asian kids to be the best at the game. And it's true, everytime I see an Asian kid walk into the arcade and play DDR, he/she does impressively. But you see a black guy walk in there, and he does all sorts of crazy moves that you've never even thought of, all while scoring a 300+ combo without breaking a sweat. The analogy is that Koreans are to Starcraft as Black guys are to DDR. So whenever I see a black guy walk into the arcade, he might play some other games first, but eventually, he is going to have a go at the DDR machine, and that's when I know there's going to be a show.

Music Music is still one of the most important things to any college students' life, but while before you could just talk about music with people, now you have to live with everyone else's. For example, on every floor of every dorm, there's going to be at least one douchebag who has those crazy high-quality speakers with the bass that makes all the rooms shake, and that person just has to abuse it all the time by blasting it, so that you have to live with their crappy music all day(most people that abuse their speakers tend to have horrible taste in music, which is an unfortunate thing that I've noticed). Just always remember that you can report these people, and make them regret it =p

The divisions of the types of music listeners in college is a lot more diverse in college. The majority of people in college, and this includes hot girls as well, will say that they listen to everything and are open to all genres of music, but then you look at their music collection and you see that it's all Top40 stuff and whatever new CD that 50 Cent pulled out of his ass last week. Then there's another big group of people, that mostly has white guys in it, that listen to only Top40 rock 'n' roll and metal, and these guys tend to be the people that form their own crappy bands, only to have them be disbanded months later due to them sucking so much. Then there's another group of people, consisting of mostly loser Asian douches, that listen to only electronica. These are the types of people that want to feel like they're at a nightclub or something all the time when they're listening to their music, because there's no way they'd get past the bouncer at a real club. Then there's another variant of this group, that also consists of a lot of Asian douchebags, but to a lesser extent, which is people that listen to exclusively Asian music. You can tell if you're in the presence of one of these types of people if you look at their playlist, and the words Ayumi, Chou, Aya, and Jolin dominate more than half of the list. Then comes the two smallest groups of people. First, is the one that I belong to, the people that listen to Indies along with 60's-80's American music, who actually know that Jimi Hendrix is a black man, who haven't touched an FM radio in years, and who know that Televators and The Widow aren't the only songs that The Mars Volta has done. Lastly, comes the smallest group of all, the distinguished group of people that exclusively listen to classical music and nothing else, and dismiss all popular music as being too primitive. Hats off to you guys.

Since there's such a diverse amount of people at college, inevitably, there will be a ton of musicians, and these musicians will team up to form bands. So what happens is that every week, there will be a new band that will have a performance on the little stage that happens to be in the middle of Bruinwalk. The funny thing about these bands is that they're all the same cookie cutter stuff that we see on MTV all the time. So everytime I see a band on there, it's always a bunch of white guys, with the frontman always either named Travis, Chad, or Jake, that claim to be a emo pop punk band(ugh), and will play a really badly written song either about having fun and partying or breaking up with the girlfriend and going on a suicidal streak. It's disgusting. Rarely will you ever see a keyboard on stage, and if it is on there, it's not gonna get put to good use.

Girls Life is good at UCLA. Recently, Playboy did a top ten list of the hottest girls on American colleges, and UCLA was ranked #3. We were only beaten by the University of Texas, which was #1, and I forgot what was #2. But the point is that UCLA is the only college in California to be on that list. Anyway, girls here are wonderful, and are infinitely better than what we got in high school, no doubt caused by the much higher percentage of white girls at UCLA, since white girls are hotter(and that's a fact of life).

Anyway, there's something that I've noticed about most, if not all of the hot girls at UCLA. They all think that guys are assholes. You talk to them and all they talk about is how the person that they're seeing is cheating on them, not respecting them, or being an asshole, blah blah blah, etc. It's actually pretty funny. When you think about this, it actually makes sense: all of the hot girls date guys that they meet at parties, clubs, or fraternities. Last time I remembered, you don't go clubbing to go looking for serious relationships; you go there for hookups; trying to do so otherwise is like saying that you're looking for your soulmate while driving through the streets of downtown LA. Not to mention that guys that are at a club or frat party aren't looking for relationships either, just random hook-ups, so it really shouldn't be surprising that this kind of stuff happens. Yet it does for most people. There's even a book out about it now that sorta reiterates my point, He's Just Not That Into You, that's actually gotten quite popular by now. Except that most of the girls that read it misinterpret it, thinking that the message of guys that you meet at clubs and parties are assholes is instead all guys are assholes.

On a different note, there are hot girls everywhere on campus, but there are certain occasions and days where they will be concentrated in certain areas, so I'll explain those now, haha, so listen up, if any of you plan on coming to UCLA. For some reason, Thursday nights are party nights here. Most of the North Campusers either don't have work due on Friday or just skip class altogether on Friday, so Thursday is their party night where the frat houses will get the most action. So if you can't get into the frat houses, all you have to do is just stand at the sidewalk from the street right across DeNeve Acacia, and you'll see hot girls everywhere. It's amazing. Then there's Dance Marathon, which is an annual charity event involving a two-day long nonstop dance, which for some reason, has every hot girl at school involved. Actually, any event that has the word dance in it will have the awesome girls in it, so look out for those. Then, finally, there's Bruin Cafe, which is just a small little cafe where you can go in and trade your meal swipes for sandwiches and smoothies. For some reason, this place attracts all the girls, even though it's in my opinion the worst "cafe" on campus(Crossroads and Puzzles are a million times better).

Last, little insignificant, and somewhat obvious fact, but hot girls screw my logic up. For example, I got a Facebook invite the other day for a group called "U2 is the best band in the world!" Now normally, I would never join such a group, as I do enjoy U2, but they're nowhere near what I would consider to be one of the greatest bands, but then I looked at the people that were in this group, and saw that there were a ton of hot girls in this group... so now I'm in a bind. To join or not to join? The invite is still there, I just haven't clicked the confirm or reject button yet. Oh, decisions.

North and South Campus UCLA is divided into two "campuses", the South campus, that contains classes for all the science, mathematics, and engineering majors, and the North campus, which contains classes for the humanities, languages, economics, and basically everything else. A really popular and common stereotype is that the girls that have majors that pertain to the South campus classes(sciences) are hideously ugly(this isn't really true, as I have met a few notable exceptions), and that the girls of the North Campus are just amazing and contain probably more than 95% of the hot girl population at UCLA. Then there's the stereotype for the engineering classes that states that there are no girls period in engineering, leading itself to the catchphrase today that any engineering class is just a sausage fest(if you don't get that joke, I feel sorry for you). Anyway, stereotypes don't just grow on trees, so most of these are pretty much true, but it results in a very interesting consequence. You no longer need to have any sense of geography or direction(or compass) to know if you're in South or North campus; all you have to do is look at the girls. So if you're paying attention to the girls, and thinking, "Ahhh, this is nice, what a great day" and then all of a sudden, it changes to "Great Holy Jesus, what the hell just happened?" then you know that you've just crossed from North campus to South campus.

Facebook It's incredible to see how fast Facebook has perpetuated college life. I initially thought it was some tacky service that only nerds would use to socialize with each other, but it turns out that EVERYONE uses it. The nerds, the athletes, the hot girls, everyone. It's unbelievable. The best part about Facebook is to see those people(usually guys) that have like 300 people in their friends list.. then you check it, and find that all of these friends are all hot blonde girls. So immediately you know that the guy doesn't know any of them in real life, and just invited everyone whom he thought was hot that he could find.

The DeNeve Courtyard This is something that's UCLA specific, but I just had to mention it. Anyway, DeNeve is kind of like the headquarters of UCLA; it has the most popular(in terms of amount of people) dining hall, has the best quality dorms, and is in the best location, closest to the classes. I've noted that a large majority of the great-looking girls(and thus, the North campus ones) tend to live in DeNeve. DeNeve also has a very picturesque and pretty courtyard, with a grassy slope and some trees, that all the different divisions of DeNeve surround. The people that constructed and engineered DeNeve were clearly thinking of us guys when building DeNeve. Since we're in Southern California, a lot of people want to get a tan. So whenever the weather is really hot, girls come out to sunbathe in the DeNeve courtyard, on the grassy slopes... while studying. God, it's like having the beach for free. It's wonderful, and I'm thankful for it.
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Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain [May. 31st, 2005|12:15 pm]
[music |The Mars Volta - Cassandra Geminni]

Bum bum bum, so at the request of a few people, I've decided to update again. A bunch of stuff has happened since last time, and I probably only remember about half of it, haha.

Like I said before, the killer class this quarter is the Organic Chemistry Lab, which pretty much consumes all the other time that I should be spending studying for other classes. Initially, I thought my lab TA this quarter(who is Russian), was a stupid douche, but he's actually turned out to be a really cool guy, and the whole class loves him. He's also a lenient grader, but that's something that we definitely deserve considering the timeslot that we have. And the other three classes, which I had been told by various people were easy classes, are.. a lot harder than expected. But I'll manage. Maybe.

Anyway, the major thing that has happened is that my parents adopted a kid. Yes, you heard right, adopted. Well.. not really, but my parents had to sign and do all the paperwork for this kid, stating that they were his legal guardians and stuff like that. Here's the backstory. Apparently, this kid's parents are in Taiwan, and since they're the owners of this fancy hotshot business or something, they claim they don't time to take care of their kid, so they sent him to America to live with people to have an opportunity at a good education. So the kid(who's named Jacky, I know, stupid name) already had people taking care of him, but the mother and Jacky told us that those people weren't very good guardians, as they never took him out to eat and stuff, made him do all the chores, and the father actually physically abused him. I think my Mom is acquaintances with one of the kid's parents, so they eventually come to offer us to take care of him, in exchange for Jacky's parents paying enough money to cover my college tuition and housing. Sounds like a great deal, so we go for it. This turned out to be a humongous mistake. See, he's around 16 years old, but his English level is around that of a Kindergartener/1st grader. He has a bunch of private tutors and a school that he goes to, and his parents keep pressuring us to help him get his English level up to the High school level so that he can go to some college. That means that we only have about 2 years before he loses his chance. The problem is, is that he's lazy as hell. He doesn't do any of his homework, nor does he study, and instead he just plays Warcraft III all day. How someone can have such a low English level but still be able to play Warcraft III is beyond me. He's almost like an IB student, except that he's not in the IB program, and is taking classes that a 3rd grader could easily pass, so he has no excuse to slack off. He also showed me his music folder once, and I saw that he only had a bunch of stupid Chinese songs, and the only American music that he had was something by Lindsay Lohan. Yuck. The main problem with the kid, though, is his personality. Initially, we only heard Jacky's side of the story about his former guardians, and we completely neglected to ask them about anything. It turns out that the kid is bipolar, and is spoiled to death due to his parents being rich bastards. So his emotions are always in a bunch, like he has PMS or something, and he's always demanding stuff like we turn on the air conditioning for him, since we're in Southern California. And then we found out that he abuses our dog. Initially, when he came over, he came over to play with our dog in the backyard every day, and we all thought, "Okay, cool, so the dog finally has some regular company." but then my Dad decided one day to observe what he was doing and saw that he was doing stuff like shoving and slamming our dog against the walls and doing all sorts of violent stuff. So pretty much after that, we've pretty much decided that we're not gonna keep him. However, we're getting good money for this, so I think we're gonna keep the bastard until the end of June. So when I went home this weekend, the entire time I was thinking, "Oh god, I'm living with a bipolar loser Asian douche who plays Warcraft III all day, what has my life become?" Thank god he'll be gone soon.

So then, fast forward to Friday the 13th of May, which was Wesley's birthday. As expected, we play a bunch of AOE this day, and we end up having trouble deciding which restaurant to eat for dinner, since the dining halls are actually serving good stuff this night. We eventually decide on a Japanese sushi restaurant in Westwood, which I think is called Tomadatchi or something. Anyway, on the way there while we're walking through Westwood, we're talking, and then all of a sudden, Aakash goes silent and freezes, turning his head to the left. I wonder what's going on, and immediately realize what it is. It's this beat-down Mexican fast-restaurant that happens to be serving cheese burritos. In other words, it's the Aakash's White Castle. So he ends up buying a bunch of burritos, and eats those instead of the sushi at the restaurant. Anyway, we find the restaurant, and go in, and order a bunch of different sushi plates, and when we get them, they're like all gone in 5 minutes. So we're like, what the hell, and we order another one, only to have it get consumed at the same rate the others did. Then we get the bill, and find out that everyone has to pay $17. Wow. Anyway, it was worth it, as it was my first time eating real sushi, and it was a lot better than I expected. After this, we go back to the floor, and decide to play some Poker. Since it's Wesley's birthday, I decide that I have to play as stupidly as possible, and purposely lose to Wesley so that he can take my chips and win the Poker game, since it's his birthday, after all. So all throughout the game, I am raising and going all in on hands that patients at the ICU ward wouldn't go in with. And for some reason, I'm winning. Eventually, Wesley goes all in with a fairly sizable stack pre-flop, and I look at my hand. A 3, 4 offsuit. That is probably the 2nd worst hand in Poker, so I call his all-in, and grin, congratulating myself on a job well done. The flop and river come up, and I end up getting a pair of 4's, but no problem, he must have something much better to have gone all-in. Wesley turns over his hand, and he has.. the only hand in the game that's worse than mine, a 2, 3 offsuit. Jesus. So I end up taking Wesley out of the game, and I feel guilty about it for the rest of the game, since I was supposed to let Birthday boy win. Anyway, I end up eliminating three people from the game, which is a record for me, but I lose eventually after my playing style of stupidity catches up to me.

Then the next day, May 14, is Fire & Ice, the formal dance, or as everyone else called it, the dormal. Since we're all just freshmen, and not seniors, I end up wearing some piece of crap formal shirt and some black pants, nothing special. Anyway, so a few hours before the dance, Wesley calls me and asks me to join the AOE game that just got created. So wow, imagine this, playing computer games before a dance. Priceless. After dinner, I get to his room, and Prashant and the others decide to have a couple of drinks before going to the dance. The logic in that still escapes me, as you would think that you'd get drunk after, but okay. Wesley had vowed to get drunk on his birthday, but didn't, so he decided to make up for it today, so we go in to Prashant's room. Prashant has some 99 proof alcohol, and our drinks are prepared by mixing it with some orange juice. Since this is my first time seriously drinking something(I had before with German beer, but it doesn't really count), I drank really, really slowly, finishing the first full cup in about 15 minutes. I'm such a scaredy cat. It tastes just fine, and leaves this weird warm sensation in my stomach, but no drastic personality changes, lol. So I end up drinking a full cup, but Wesley only drinks 1/3 of one, which is weaksauce, but he would eventually make up for it later. Mendez, Prashant, and David are insane, though, as they end up each having like 4 shots each. Now, some people, when drunk, experience strange changes in their personality, and end up doing funny(dancing on a table, singing along to mushy girly pop, making fun of everyone in sight) and stupid(listening to FM radio, hitting on friends, watching Oprah) stuff. For Prashant, Mendez, and David, though, they experienced no personality change, but what happened was that they become like 5 times louder. And let's assume, that most of the time, they will say 60% of what comes to their mind, and decide not to say the 40%, but with the alcohol.. they said 140%. I know, that makes no mathematical sense, but yeah. Anyway, Linda then arrives, and I note that she looks like Princess Zelda, except without the blonde hair. With everyone assembled, we then take the group pictures, which takes a few attempts because of the drunken ones. I also noticed that most people in our group wore blue, which is cool, since it fits the Ice part of the theme, but where was the fire? Lol. Eventually, we arrive, and I immediately note that it's waaaay too dark. See, one of the best parts about going to a formal dance is recognizing people you know and seeing how awesome or ridiculous they look in their formal outfits. But it was pretty much completely dark on the dance floor, and there were no lights or candles outside where the tables were either. So basically, the only light that's provided is the flash of camera lights as people take pictures. As expected, the DJ there really sucks, as I don't think he even plays one noteworthy song for the whole night. Anyway, at one point on the dance floor, Wesley gets bored, so he goes over to the walls and takes out one of the balloon clusters that was glued there for decoration. It consists of four balloons all attached to one center point, and he goes to me, and says, "Hey, guess what this is? Tetrahedral!" and of course, I laugh, but I'm also hitting myself in the head for the nerdiness of it all. Mendez eventually gets word of this, and frustrated by the fact that we're talking Chemistry at a dance, he takes the balloon cluster and bites into it, popping one of the balloons. Wesley then takes it, and says, "Trigonal planar!" At this point, Mendez then just takes it and tosses it into the crowd. Lol. So our night is pretty much dictated by Linda, who literally drags us on and off the dance floor depending on what song comes up, haha. At one point, that awful "Hey Mickey" song comes up, and I'm trying to remember that stupid cheerleading routine for it in the video, but Linda seems to know it, along with all the words, so I just copy what she does. Then comes Hollaback Girl, and immediately I say, "No nonono there's no way I'm dancing to this, I'm absolutely not, I refuse to support Gwe.. OKAY FINE" after they keep nudging me to keep on, so I then just look at Matsumoto and copy what he does. Lol. Next comes a Justin Timberlake song, and immediately Linda groans, and goes "Okay, we're definitely not dancing to this, so let's go." and leads everyone out, and I am thinking "Thank god someone agreed with me here." But then, just as quickly, a sappy Backstreet Boys song comes on, and immediately Linda squeals and brings us all back. So I go:
"You can't be serious. You love the Backstreet Boys, but hate Timberlake?"
Linda: "Yeah, N'Sync sucks, the Backstreet Boys are soooo much better."
Me: "Oh god. You know that they're all the same, right? They are not even musicians, they're just all corporate sponsored karaoke champions that want your money. Don't give in to their brainwashing!"
Linda: "But, but... they're gooooood! And they're better than N'Sync!"
Mendez: "Yeah, that's like saying you made a movie that's better than Lizzie McGuire. It means nothing."
Linda: "But, but, but..."
And this goes on for like 10 minutes. Lol.
Anyway, a bunch of the guys leave the dance early to play Basketball.. while drunk. Me, Mendez, Linda, and Wesley eventually leave, and as we're heading out, we go to the balcony, look down, and oh my god, see someone down there that is none other than Luis Ching. What the hell's he doing here? So we go down there and talk to him, and apparently, he came with Angie, and is now just resting downstairs. And all the while, he's talking with Mendez and Wesley about basketball and Diablo II. Hahah, great to see him just like his old self. Anyway, we went back to the dorms, and expecting some more alcohol for the afterparty, we were sorely disappointed to see that it had all been consumed :(. So for the next hour or so, we sorta just loiter around in the hall, all tired, and for some reason, we end up getting into a huge conversation about IB, the nerdiness of it all, and the weird teachers that we had in high school(and there were many). Lol. So, pictures of this event are available on my Yahoo photos account, but Linda and Jinfae's journals have a bunch of pictures too.

So then two days after this was Monday, which was the More Friends concert for Final Fantasy at Universal Studios. Since I didn't have the convenience of having my Dad provide the ride like last year's Dear Friends, me, Ben, and Wes had to take a series of buses to get there. So then we arrive at Universal Studios, and since we have no car, we have to walk there. It's around 7-ish at this time, and we're all getting hungry, and none of us has eaten dinner. Immediately we notice that we have to ascend a huge hill to get to the park, so I then notice the brilliant psychology behind it all. They make all their visitors climb up the huge hill to get them all tired, and once they're in, what's the first thing that they see? BAM, a steak house that also happens to serve shrimp. Luckily, though, we resisted against the corporate propaganda and pushed through. So anyway, fast forward to the concert. The concert hall used this year was decent, but it was nowhere near as awesome as last year's newly built Walt Disney Concert Hall, which provided superior acoustics and sound quality. We take a look at the people around us, and notice that there are actually some cosplayers. There was one person dressed up as a Black Mage, and I noted a few White Mages as well. Me and Wesley also noted that a lot of guys brought dates here, so they were all wearing formal clothing and stuff, like they were going to the prom. I guess going to an orchestral concert is a great date location, haha. So the first half proceeds, and most of it is stuff from 20020220, except for two songs, the "Opening: Bombing Mission" piece from FFVII, which is nicely done, although I think the orchestra was kinda choppy on some parts. The other new piece from the first half is "Swing de Chocobo" of FFX, and it brings a huge audience reaction due to the video monitors showing footage of Chocobos starting from FFII to the newest one. It's interesting to note that for FFII-V, there was mainly laughter in the audience from the really primitive graphics, but starting from VI, the laughter turned into cheers and applause, reaching its peak at the FFXI footage. We also noticed the appearance of an awesome instrument on "Don't Be Afraid" of FFVIII: the carpetroller. The name is self explanatory. This is quite simply all sorts of awesome packed into one instrument. Oh yeah, there were a bunch of technical difficulties in the first half, that would also persist into the rest of the concert. For some reason, on the first song, the speaker from the back kept making this popping noise, getting progressively louder until it honestly sounded like a firecracker going off. Luckily, they fixed this quickly. A lot of the mic's kept getting cut off, specifically the conductors and the MC(who was the same as last year, James Arnold Taylor), and the guys who were operating the spotlight were atrocious, as numerous times they would shine the spotlight on the stagehands, or it would just totally be off cue. Anyway, so the second half begins, and this is where things truly get interesting. The Black Mages come onto stage, and kick it off with "The Rocking Grounds". This was one of the best tracks on the new album, and including it in this concert was a great decision. I do notice, though, that the sound isn't really mixed well, either that, or the concert hall isn't sufficient enough. The lead guitar is way too loud, the drums are mixed in perfectly, but the keyboard and bass guitar are buried too far in the mix. Which is weird, considering that Uematsu is the keyboardist, you'd expect they'd make him the strongest in the mix. Then comes "Maybe I'm A Lion", of FFVIII, which is a piece that I never really liked, but the version of it on the album has one mindblowing part that gets me every time: the insane keyboard solo. Uematsu pulls it off without fail, and although it isn't mixed correctly, it doesn't disappoint. The keyboard solo is probably the part in their performance that got the most audience reaction, haha. So anyway, they finish, and the third phase of the concert begins. Rikki then appears on stage in a cute little kimono, and the orchestra proceeds to play Suteki Da Ne, of FFX. Just like in 20020220, Rikki's performance is rather strained, as she can't seem to hit a lot of the high notes in the song(and there are plenty). Not to mention that at one point, the camera totally zoomed in on her and focused on her when her singing part ended, while the orchestra took over. I mean, god, when the singing is done, and the orchestra starts up again, you'd think that they'd focus in on the orchestra, but nope. Rikki looked really, really nervous throughout the entire performance, but yeah, gotta give her points for effort. One thing that I've always noted is that Suteki Da Ne doesn't really work well as an orchestral piece; the original version of it with the regular band is just fine, and the orchestral version lacks a lot of the punch that the original provides. So then her song ends, and she goes offstage, and Emiko Shiratori appears onstage, and proceeds to do "Melodies of Life" of FFIX with the orchestra. Now, Melodies of Life is my favorite vocal piece for a Final Fantasy, but like Suteki Da Ne, it's another one of those songs that works better with a regular band than with an orchestra. Shiratori does not disappointment, as she doesn't look nervous at all, and pretty much executes the song flawlessly, and me and Wes also noted that she improved her English quite a bit, haha. Ok, so before I go on to the next section, I should make note of the merchandise being sold at the concert. They were selling More Friends shirts for $20, program booklets for $25, and two CD's for I forgot how much. Our group only buys the shirts, as seriously, $25 for the program is just ridiculous. So since we didn't buy the program, none of us have any idea what songs are gonna be played. So the next one is the biggest surprise of all for me. So James Arnold Taylor comes on stage, and says "Well, we've covered orchestral, rock, and pop tonight. What haven't we done yet? Oh yes! A night at the opera!" At this point, my brain explodes, as I suddenly think that they are going to play Bohemian Rhapsody, which would be totally awesome, if not unfitting, but I suddenly regain my senses as I see three people sharply dressed heading to the orchestra, and the MC then announces that the next piece is gonna be The Opera Scene, "Maria & Draco", which is basically the Overture + Aria de Mezzo Carotene of FFVI. I think when I first heard him say that, I said "oh my god" like 20 times. For those of you that don't know, the FFVI Opera Scene has only been redone twice, once on the Grand Finale album, which just had a small part of it, Aria de Mezzo Carotene in Italian, which while well done, doesn't do enough, and the other being the one performed on one of those Japanese orchestral video game performance CDs(I forgot which one), which is performed in Japanese, which while is also very good, doesn't have a good vocalist for Maria's part. So anyway, the three vocalists come up, and I note that the girl doing Maria's part is a very hot blonde, haha, which is very fitting. The orchestra then launches into it, and wow, this is probably the most alluring 13 minutes ever. They used the English lyrics for this, and all three vocalists were perfect and right on target. The orchestra didn't miss a beat, and just the experience of hearing this piece live basically made the night for me. This would probably be the best song of the night, if it weren't for the next one. So The Opera finishes, and I probably give my longest standing ovation ever. Uematsu then comes on stage, for more applause, and he gives his speech about the concert and his work. One thing that I noticed about More Friends was that Uematsu was a lot more subdued this time around. One of the best moments last year that totally made Dear Friends was how spirited Uematsu was, leading the audience in a cheer and making fun of the hot translator girl. This time, though, Uematsu didn't do the whole cheer thing, and we had a different translator, who wasn't hot, and had a heavy accent(the one last year spoke perfect English). I dunno, I guess he's tired or something, lol. Anyway, he finishes his speech, and then the translator asks, "Since we have time for one last song that we can do for you tonight, we'll let you decide. Will it be rock, or orchestral?" And of course, the audience goes wild at this moment, shouting all sorts of stuff, but predictably, she then answers, "Well, according to my ears, 50% of you guys said rock, and the other 50% said orchestral. So why don't we just do both?" The choir then begins to gather at the side of the orchestral pit, along with the Black Mages getting their equipment up on stage. They then start the song, but get off to a weird false start, upon which they play The Three Stooges theme. Haha. They try the song again, and get off to another two false starts, and I'm really not sure if this is deliberate or not(the false starts), but one thing that is definitely apparent is that the Black Mages' sound equipment isn't working. So Uematsu sprints offstage, followed by laughter from the audience and a bunch of funny comments. I think one person in the audience even yells, "I want to have your baby!" Anyway, after a few minutes, I guess Uematsu fixes up the sound problem, and they start the song. It is none other than One Winged Angel, of FFVII, and oh my god, it is all sorts of awesome. Actually, the way they played it was more like 90% orchestra, 10% rock band, but hearing the piece played in this way just upped its kickassness level to heights I never thought possible. They even added a guitar solo, followed by a drum solo into the song, which was awesome. The only problem, which was the same problem that occured with all other versions of One Winged Angel played before, is that the choir is drowned out like mad. See, before, the choir would get drowned out quite a bit from the orchestra, but this time, you have the orchestra, plus the rock band, so at times, the choir would be completely inaudible. But besides from that, the last two pieces are absolutely the highlights of the concert, and are what made it worth the money. So that was the end of it, and the audience gave another huge standing ovation to this, probably bigger than the last one. All in all, I would say that the setlist for More Friends was a lot better than Dear Friends, the performances were about the same, but the technical difficulties and the choice of concert hall were kinda bad, lol. After this, we go back, and note that our bus is gonna arrive really soon, so we sprint down the long hill, and make it to the busstop, at THE VERY LAST SECOND. I mean, seriously, we're looking at the streetlight, and we notice our bus inching closer and closer, and the light turns yellow at exactly the right time, allowing us to make it across the crosswalk. We would later find out that not buying the CDs that they were selling there was a good decision, as they didn't contain the orchestral recordings of the songs, but rather, the original game samples.

Fast-forwarding again, the 24th was the Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament. The rules were that it would be teams of 2 versus another team of 2, stock 5, with friendly fire on, items on, and all stages available. Which is kinda BS, since there's definitely some stages that should be banned in tournament play(like Flatzone). Anyway, so we found out about the tournament a few weeks before it started, so we trained like crazy. Me and Mendez were planning on being a team, since we're basically considered to be the two best players in our group, and of course, Mendez would use Falco, and I had basically narrowed down my choice character to be either Marth or Peach, leaning more towards Peach because I end up damaging my own teammate a lot with Marth, because of the huge range. Eventually, though, I found out that the tournament was on a Tuesday night, which is exactly when I have Organic Chemistry Lab.. so I couldn't go, which sucks. So Mendez and Aakash became a team, with Aakash using Fox, effectively making them Team Starfox, and Wesley and Wenbo would go as a team too, with Wes using Jigglypuff and Wenbo using Link. Now, since I've seen a lot of tournament videos in the past, I expected pretty much everyone in this tournament to be using Fox, Zelda/Sheik, Captain Falcon, Marth, and Dr. Mario, since there's a lot of pro gamers here at UCLA, and most of the people that are really good at SSBM use those characters. Instead, though, it was like girl power all night. There were a lot of Marths and Foxes like I expected, but they were basically all C-stickers, but everyone who used Peach and Zelda/Sheik that night was really good, which was cool, since a lot of people tend to overlook Peach. So Mendez and Aakash managed to make it into the finals, but they got defeated by a Sheik/Peach team. Anyway, good job guys, and I look forward to the one next year, if we're still playing the game by then(and we probably will, lol).

That'll be it for now, as it's time for me to do some more studying. Good luck on finals, everyone!
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New stuff, as usual [Apr. 4th, 2005|06:41 pm]
[music |Yes - Heart of the Sunrise]

Wow, it's been nearly two months since my last update, which incidentally, was the only one I made for that quarter. Shows how bad that quarter was, yep yep, extremely gay with generally crappy teachers. Finals week was extremely painful, and when I say painful, it's like sandpaper enema administered by Dr. Mario on speed painful. Hopefully, this quarter will be better. Speaking of the third quarter, here's the rundown of the new classes.

Predictably, all of my teachers have accents. I think the only people that I've had that don't have accents are my TAs and my English teacher. Anyway, I have Linear Algebra this quarter, which according to my Russian-accent sporting professor, should be a very easy class. Let's hope this is true. Speaking of linear algebra, it sounds like such an easy subject. I mean, think about it.. "linear algebra". It sounds like something you would learn in 7th grade about graphing lines and shit, but I remember Wesley once showed me a textbook of Linear Algebra while we were in High School, and expecting it to be easy stuff, I opened it up and nearly fainted. The good part is, it doesn't seem so difficult now that it's started, so here's hoping. Then there's the much feared Organic Chemistry, which everyone dreads, but the professor seems to be very cool, sporting an English accent, which he calls "English English". Then there's physics, where we have a professor with a hugely thick Italian accent. Me and Wesley think that his teaching profession is only a day job, and that he sings his heart out for the opera at night. Anyway, so our first lecture for physics was today, and so we came in, expecting the worst, and the first thing he does in his lecture is write on the chalkboard, in big bold letters, "SCIENCE", followed by a list of all the different types, like bio, chem, etc.. I swear I'm not lying, and then for like the whole lecture, he goes over stuff like what the different divisions of physics are, and the different SI measurements, and the whole time, me and Wesley are laughing, although deep inside, I am thanking God for sending me such an easy class. Hopefully. And finally, there's the next Chemistry lab, which is the gayest thing ever. I have the same mainland China professor that I had last quarter, and there are two labs per week this time, 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday, for a total of 6 hours, and the only times that fit were 6:30-9:30.. so there goes my dinner for two days of the week.

The good things about this quarter is that I have no early classes, which is awesome, since I hate waking up early. I think there's even a day where my first class starts at 2:00 PM, haha. Also, there's an hour in between classes where I can eat lunch, but because of the way UCLA is built(the residential halls are all on top of a hill, and the classroom buildings are all on the bottom of that hill), I don't want to spend the energy and time to walk up and back down the hill to eat, so I now have much more opportunities to eat at Rubios in the Ackerman Union, which for all you uncultured people, is a wonderful Mexican fast-food restaurant that serves all their food fresh with awesomeness. Much better than the dining hall food, which while is usually very good for dinner, sucks for everything else. Although, I'll admit that the dining hall food has contributed to me losing weight(I think I'm near the 30 pounds lost mark now). Yay for me.

So it seems that the Pope died. You know, what would have been great is if they announced that he died, and then all of a sudden, on national television, they show him being carried to the grave, and then all of a sudden, he wakes up and jumps up and yells "April Fools, I'm not dead!" That would be awesome.

Oh yeah, funny thing happened yesterday, which was the last free day before school started. Me, Wesley, and the rest of the usual group were gonna go eat lunch at Ackerman Union, since all of the dining halls were closed, but we find out that Ackerman is closed too, which leaves us with one last option, which is to go out into the city, Westwood, and find a restaurant. Anyway, while we're at an intersection, a group of black dudes then walks past us, and one of them turns to us and asks:

"Hey y'all know where da liquor store at?"

I mumble "No... fag." as he begins to turn around. Now, keep in mind, I had just woken up before we left, so I was still kinda tired, as there was no way I would ever do this under normal circumstances. Lol. The whole group starts laughing hysterically, and David comes up to me, and says, "Did you just see your life flash before your eyes?" It was a good thing the black dudes didn't hear me, otherwise I wouldn't be here typing this, haha.

Textbooks this quarter are gay. I had to pick them up yesterday, and found out that they shipped in 2 boxes. That's right, 2 boxes, not 1. 1 box is usually like enough to hold 4 books, so this should give an indication for how huge they are. I ended up buying 6 books, with another one off the Internet, for a grand total of 7, and the 6 cost a combined total of something around $400.. that's the last time I get books off of UCLA.

The day before my Math final, my roommate came in and asked me if it was okay that he brought someone in the room. I don't know why he asked that, as I have never said anything before about it, and people come into our room all the time, so I was like ok sure. His girlfriend with a laptop then walks in, and of course I say hi to her, but in my mind I'm shouting all sorts of profanities because I know what's going to happen next, but I'm just praying that it won't. She basically just starts using her laptop on his bed while he continues using his laptop on his desk. Okay, so I guess they're just doing homework together. A few hours pass, and after turning off her laptop and removing it, she falls asleep. Oh god. Then my roommate turns off the lights and then joins her in his bed. At this point, I really, really don't want to be awake anymore, so I go to sleep too. And then predictably, I have trouble sleeping, and during this, I hear the girl whisper "Snaaaaaaaaaake.." and I start to chuckle silently, because at this point if I don't laugh, I have to cry. And my alarm for some reason doesn't go off the next morning, nearly making me late for my final. Great. It really sucks to have to wake up when your roommate is sleeping with his girlfriend, because they're awake before you are, for some reason, you can hear them talking, and once you get up, they stop talking, and it feels like they're staring at your every move.

Now what have I been doing recently, hmm. We've been playing a lot of Age of Empires 2, which is fun, especially when you beat someone with the Franks, so that you can have the pleasure in yelling "HAHA you got beaten by the French!" I've also been playing a lot of Super Smash Brothers Melee, thanks to Mendez's Gamecube. Because I practice a lot of the advanced techniques of that game a lot(like L-canceling), a lot of the guys don't really like to play against me, so one day, they all decided to team against me, although it wasn't in Team mode, so they could still hit each other, though they of course would avoid doing so. Anyway, I guess to distract me or something, they would choose all gay characters. And by gay characters, I mean, they would do stuff like choose Captain Falcon and change his color palette to Pink, or choose Roy and make him have his gold armor suit, and stuff like that. I don't know if anyone has noticed this before, but Captain Falcon is like, the most homosexual video game character ever. He wears clothing, or armor, that's like totally skintight, and his taunt in the game consists of him pointing out his finger and saying "Show me your moves!". I dunno about you guys, but the last thing I want to do is to show a guy that looks like he's about to audition for The Village People "my moves". Anyway, so of course they clobber me, I can't fight against three people at once, but I do win once, so that's good. On this same night, while I'm already back at my dorm, I have to go to the restroom, so I walk into the bathroom and into one of the stalls. Keep in mind that it's like 3 in the morning at this point, I've yet to shower, and I'm really tired, my body is sore all over, and my eyes are all misty. I'm not really looking at where I'm going, and then I step in something. I'm so exhausted at this point that I'm too lazy to look down and see what it is, so I move the next thing that requires the least energy, my nose. Immediately I realize what I just did, and I wake up IMMEDIATELY. Like, all of my energy just suddenly comes back as I recoil my foot in horror. I had just stepped in a pool of vomit left by one of the idiots on my floor, most likely from drinking too much. Good thing I was barefoot at the time.

That brings me to my next point, my floor. Wow, I think I got like the worst floor at this school. There are so many douchebags here, it's unbelievable. Like, there's this Asian guy that has long hair for a guy, which normally wouldn't be so bad because long hair is cool, except that he's a fuckin' stalker. I'm serious, I'm not even sure if he even lives here or not, but he's ALWAYS walking around the hall, walking into the bathroom and then just staying there, and staying by people's doors until they open. And he does this like all day too, when I leave for class in the morning, there he is, next to some dude's door, looking through the peephole, and then when I come back for dinner, there he is again, talking to some random person in their room while attempting to make some witty joke but failing at it miserably. I think he even checked out my ass once while I was leaving for class, but I dunno, I don't acknowledge his existence enough to really confirm this. Then there's like this big tall Asian guy with glasses that always has this expression on his face that looks like he got caught masturbating or something, who also stalks like the other guy I mentioned earlier, and he is like a total metrosexual, which is the gayest thing ever. I mean, to be a metrosexual, you have to be a fairly good looking white guy, but this is a dorky Asian dude with glasses we're talking about here. A prime example of how out of place this is when I saw him in the hall once, talking to some girl outside of her room. I guess he was flirting with her or something, judging by how often he would try to tell a joke and then start laughing at his own stupid joke, and then the girl of course by her lack of eye contact and short, terse answers tried to give him the indication that she was listening, but anyone can tell really that she wanted him to get the hell away from her. After his flirting fails(I assume, because she then goes into her room and closes the door), he runs off into the hallway, and goes "WHEEEEEEE!" with arms flapping around like some prissy boy. I'm ashamed to say that I have had nightmares of this guy and woke up crying. And then, there was another time where I was getting back from class, and there were these two Asian guys next to me, who were talking with each other, and then one enthusiastically says to the other, "Hey man, I got these tickets to the Metallica concert, you gotta come man, I mean, come on, it's Metallica, you have to come!" And of course, I facepalmed in disbelief after hearing this. Seriously, who the hell still listens to Metallica?

Weird thing happened a few weeks ago, when me and Wesley were talking in his rooms. I was commenting on his computer wallpaper being too pedophilic, since it showed a way underage girl not wearing a hell of a lot against some background, and then Wesley goes on to argue that younger women are better. Now, I don't know about you guys, but what the hell is it with guys and younger women? I've always preferred older women myself, since it's better to have someone with experience. Anyway, we talk about this for a while, and then Wenbo from the floor walks in, and says the final, shocking statement: "The best girl is someone who's like 16-18 but looks like she's 12". Upon saying this, Wesley then nods in agreement enthusiastically. Oh god.

I haven't really talked about Lilly Su much in my journal, so I guess I'll do it now. Lilly Su is an A4 resident who plays Poker with us all the time. She is actually the one that more often than not schedules the really big major games, and more often than not wins them most of the time. Anyway, almost everytime we see her, we see this white guy with her, Alex, who also plays with us. They seem to share the same amount of money in Poker games. So after a few weeks of seeing them, we began to just assume that Alex was Lilly's boyfriend, so we went up to Alex and asked him if he was with Lilly, and he said, "Yes, of course, we're together!" So we then go to Lilly and ask her if she's with Alex, and she completely denies it. This in itself is already pretty funny and is worthy of a great prank but Wesley decides to do something about it. So one day when Alex is in the room, playing Magic, Wes goes up to him, and makes a request.

"Hey Alex, this might be a weird question, but I want you to go up to Lilly and ask if you have a bond together."
"What? Why?"
"Nothing, it's just something that I thought of."
"Is it something weird or crap?"
"Nah, it's not weird or anything, I just want you to ask it."
"Ok... but why do you want me to do it?"
"Well, I just want to see how she answers it. What do you think she will say, anyway?"
"Oh, of course, I would say we definitely have a bond, I'm sure she would too!"

Now, I know that there can be a ton of lewd sexual jokes made on this bond thing, but we were able to convince Alex that it wasn't anything weird, so when Lilly comes into the room, he asks the question. Her response:

"What? What kind of question is that? That's so weird.. a bond? What the hell? Why are you asking this?"

She then storms out of the room, and Alex goes out too, and later on, Lilly walks into the room alone, and then tells us that no, they do not have a bond.

For this next story, I have to provide some background info first. There is a website called bruinwalk.com, that pretty much all UCLA students use, as it gives student-given ratings of all of the professors on campus, so that you can see how good or difficult your professor is before you decide to take his/her class. Anyway, Wenbo was searching through this site one day and looking at the highest rated Mathematics professors, and noted one Chad Topaz, who was a very young man with exceptional ratings. Unlike the other professors, he had a personal profile link, so Wenbo clicks on it.. only to be directed to a page that shows images of the professor getting married and sucking face with his obviously gay husband. Wesley and Wenbo then show me this website, and I go onto it, and I become blind for one hour. Thanks guys. Anyway, on to the story, Linda Kam lives in DeNeve, and at the beginning of the school year, in first quarter, our group was at the dining hall, talking as usual, and she starts talking about her roommates. She talks in particular about Maria, who she then describes to us as a blonde girl, who is a ballet dancer, and was the head cheerleader of her high school.

Once Linda utters the word "head cheerleader", me and Mendez immediately light up. I mean, seriously, if it was a cartoon, we would have lightbulbs going off in our heads, illuminating the whole room. So I then have to ask the next crucial question.

"I'm guessing she's taken, right?"

"Nah, she had one boyfriend in high school but broke up with him because the asshole ended up cheating on her. Now, guys come into our room all the time and talk to her, but I don't think she's interested in them."

DING DING DING! That was all the information that we needed. So from this point on, me and Mendez try to get any opportunities that we can to get to go to Linda's room, and we do for the first time in Halloween, which is also when the Spanish Dictionary incident happened, as I wrote in a previous entry. Anyway, so it's Halloween, and we're in Linda's room, but Maria's not there, as she had to leave for a while or something, so I survey her work area. Me and Mendez already have really high expectations, so I then look at Maria's laptop, which shows her screensaver.. and then all of a sudden my heart stops and all of my expectations then go down to nothing. A picture comes up that shows I guess a sort of a mugshot of Maria and one of her friends, and she looks like a ghastly zombie, completely with yellow glowing eyes. I nearly scream in horror, but then the next picture comes and it shows the same glowing eyes on a lot of people this time, and I then realize that I'm looking at the laptop from the wrong angle. So I look at it correctly this time, and I guess she isn't too bad, ballet mode is cool, although she doesn't really look like cheerleader material.

And then all of a sudden, I hear someone say "Hey Linda" and Maria proceeds to walk in, and at that moment in time, I know that I was wrong to doubt and me and Mendez's expectations are totally fulfilled, and more. The pictures on the screensaver really didn't do her justice, as she's one of those people that looks much, much better in person. Wow. So she walks in and I notice Mendez mutter under his breath, "Dear lord in heaven thank you for sending me this angel" and I give the silent nod of approval, the highest honor for anything. She then gets into her seat and starts listening to some of her music on the laptop, and I notice that she listens to REM.. which is awesome, because there's not many girls that seriously listen to REM other than just the songs It's The End Of The World or Radio Free Europe. Awesomeness.

Anyway, I rambled on too much, but it's always okay to write about a hot girl. Anyway, on with the story, during the last few weeks, Linda told us that Maria had finally gotten a boyfriend, upon which Jeff Li begins cursing and threatening death to the new guy, haha. I assume that the boyfriend is a member of our football team, and then Linda proceeds to describe him. Here's my thought reactions as she describes him.

"Well, I met him yesterday when Maria introduced him in our room, and when he walked in, I was like 'OH MY GOD, he is sooo hot!' Me and Stephanie(the other roommate) were like talking about him all day."
Okay okay, so it looks like I was right, he's definitely some sort of athlete douchebag.

"I noticed that he was kinda tanned, and I found out that's because he likes to surf!"
Wow, so he surfs too, ever the multi-tasker, isn't he.

"Also, yesterday I was working on my math homework, and I was talking with Stephanie about how to do a problem, and none of us knew how to do it, and so all of a sudden he came over and totally explained and helped me on it! It's because his major is Mathematics!"
...Okay, something wasn't clicking right at this point. Surfer, white guy, good-looking, and.. math major? What the hell? Still.. I supposed that it could be possible, every once in a lifetime.

"Oh and that's not all, I was talking about him with Maria, and I said 'He looks so much like he could be an Abercrombie model!' and then Maria says, 'He IS an Abercrombie model!'"
At this point, my entire train of logic collapses, and everything that I learned about the real world and life in itself seems to have been for naught. I pause for about 5 seconds to recover from the shock, and then, all of a sudden, everything makes sense, and I reach the horrifying conclusion.

He's gay.

Yes, he has to be. See if you can follow my logic, he's fairly good looking, and an Abercrombie model. In case you've never been to Abercrombie before, it's the clothing store where you walk in and there's half naked men as far as the eye can see. So being a model for this store must be his day job, or something. Now, when he's not posing for Abercrombie, he's at the beach, surfing... among more half naked men. Now, why would he be a math major? It is, so that he can impress the other gay men. It all suddenly made sense.

Of course, once I say this, Wesley starts laughing hysterically, and Linda starts scolding me about how I think everything is gay, and then I actually began thinking that maybe I'm a little too harsh, and should rethink it, so I think about it some more. The whole weak or iffy piece in the whole puzzle is the math major part.. everything would make sense if it weren't for the fact that he was a math major. So what on Earth could cause him to become a math major? After thinking about this for a minute or so, I then realized it.

Chad Topaz.

Chad Topaz, the gay math professor that Wenbo found on Bruinwalk. It had to be! Maria's boyfriend was in the higher division classes, and Topaz only teaches higher division mathematics. Chad Topaz must have been "acquainted" with the boyfriend, and hell, he was probably the one that encouraged him to become a math major and become an Abercrombie model! I then requested Linda to ask him if he really did know Topaz, but I don't think she wanted to, since she was already in the denial stage at this point. If he was gay, why would he go for a girl, Maria, then? The answer to that one is simple. Someone like Maria, heh, she makes a girl look twice! She can definitely change the sexual preference of a gay guy, I'm sure of it.

Wow, this was like the longest update ever. Anyway, this was supposed to be a double update, as I was gonna write something after this too, but it's too late now, so I'll do that some other time.
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My 19th and the new quarter [Feb. 11th, 2005|12:35 am]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Pink Floyd - Time]

Yep yep, it's my birthday today! Haha, for some reason, earlier this week I thought it was my 20th birthday, as indicated in hummie's journal. Shows how bad my memory is.

I wanted to do a sort of retrospective post about this year of my life, but I kinda already did that in in my review of 2004 earlier, so okay. It kinda sucks that my birthday has to occur on a day that I have to go home(since I go home every Friday), but it's fine. Dinner is going to be great today D:

I guess I'll do it anyway. So I guess from 18 to 19, I feel... no different! Haha. No really, umm.. well, I did lose weight for the first time since forever, like I mentioned before, but what else? Oh yeah, I made my first attempt at driving, really started using my cell phone for the first time, got more music(big surprise), made an actual attempt at flirting however thinly veiled it may have been, started to seriously consider becoming a musician again, and uh.. starting drinking much more coffee! Lol. I guess that's what college does to ya.

So a new quarter has started, and all the things that I anticipated in it ended up coming true. In other words, more work and less time to spend with friends. Haha. Other than that, things are going well, although I'm not liking the first batch of midterms that I already went through. The main time killer this time is Chemistry Lab, which in Wesley's words, is Sitting Bull(shit). In all honesty, this class would be the shizzle if it was just the laboratory experiments, but it just has to be gayified by the time-consuming lab reports and the immensely stupid CPR. I seem to be accident prone, and something weird happens to me EVERY time we do a lab. In the first lab we do, I'm working the pipet and way overshoot it suddenly, creating a large blast of water that strikes the palm of my hand and gets pretty much my whole side of the lab fume hood wet with distilled water, causing my hands to smell like decaying mouse for the rest of the day. In the second lab, we had to work with Brilliant Blue FCF, which is basically just blue dye, and here's basically how the situation went:

Me: Okay, so we need about 0.9g of this stuff. Here we go! *pours dye out of packet into weight machine*
The machine reads 0.6. I pour a little more, as the bag is almost empty. 0.78. WHAT? I proceed to turn the bag over upside down and shake it over the weight, getting out as much powder as I can. The weight reads 0.85.. so I proceed to shake off the powder in the bag using my fingers. I finally get the right weight.

And then I realize that I just became a member of the Blue Man Group.

It takes me a whole three days to get that stuff off. So continuing on, for the third lab, we had to work with really low concentration Sulfuric Acid for the first time, and we do the experiment perfectly fine, and I'm about to leave, when the TA notes that the buret that I use hasn't been put away or cleaned... with acid still in it. So I clean it up carefully, and it isn't until I get back to my room and start doing my homework that I notice that there are tiny, almost microscopic bubbles coming out of my hands. OH MY GOD! So I go to wash it off, and finally, the pain hits me, that slow, burning pain.. oh godddddd. I should be more careful next time when cleaning up lab equipment. And finally, in the fourth experiment we did, we had to work with really high concentration(3M, in fact) hydrochloric acid, and one part involves putting about 20mL of the acid into a beaker where some detergent is. I volunteer to pour it in, being very careful, and right when the acid goes in, the whole solution smokes and vaporizes violently, and I back away slowly to clear myself away from the beaker. Then I begin to wonder:

"Why the hell is there bubbling and smoke coming out of the OUTSIDE of the beaker, on the bottom outer surface?"

Eventually, Wesley picks up the beaker, and we realize why: the acid ate right through the beaker, causing most of the bottom surface to shatter! We didn't even hear a noise, like that of glass shattering, it was a completely silent destructive process. So from all that, we learn one thing: Our professor gets his Pyrex beakers from China.

Math is interesting, as we have an extremely fobby teacher with a heavy Taiwanese accent. Honestly, me and Wesley can't decide which teacher is more amusing, our Taiwanese math teacher, or our mainland Chinese ChemLab teacher. Oh, and we have a great math TA too.. before going into his discussion, we saw that his last name was Kim.. so you can probably guess what his ethnicity is. Anyway, his first discussion lasts only like 10 minutes, in which he writes a bunch of shit on the board, asks everyone to copy it, and then says class dismissed. So, from that, we just automatically assumed that he plays Starcraft, and had to dismiss class early to go to a clan match. I mean, we've never even asked him if he really does play, but c'mon, we don't really need to ask. He's a math TA, and Korean, the conclusion should be obvious!

But my most interesting discussion periods are for Chemistry, even though the professor really sucks. He's really slow-paced, and spends an overwhelming amount of time on graphs. Anyway, my TA is really, really cool, and has a great fashion sense too, teehee. Most memorable moment is when she's teaching us about something, and then asks what is supposed to be a rhetorical Chemistry question to the class, to which no one responses.. so she asks "Does anybody here even go to lecture?", and the classroom goes silent. The expression on her face is priceless, as it's not a "What the hell is wrong with you guys?" expression, but more like a "Yeah, I expected that." one.

I also had a class called Cultural Geography initially for this quarter, but was horrified out by it. I mean, the teacher would lecture for a whole week, about.. the definition of place and location. The thing that really made me quit, though, was one of our projects, in which we had to ride a bus through downtown LA for 2 hours, and write down everything we noted about the "human influence and culture". Luckily I dropped the class before I had to do that assignment.

What's interesting about this quarter is that everyone seems to be having a really hard time with it. Suddenly, the amount of time that we spend playing videogames or Poker has decreased by a lot, haha. Anyway, that should be it for this post. Good luck on this quarter, everyone!
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Sis-boom-bah [Jan. 25th, 2005|01:23 am]
Farewell, Johnny Carson.

You will be forever missed.
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This year in review [Jan. 2nd, 2005|04:28 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |The Black Mages - Matoya's Cave (FINAL FANTASY I)]

So the first part of this will be a nice little quiz.

1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before?
Believe it or not, I actually lost weight this year for the first time since.. forever.

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
My resolution was to pay more attention to school, which I definitely did. I guess my resolutions this year will be to lose more weight, and become a better Poker player! Haha

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

4. Did anyone close to you die?

5. What countries did you visit?
Err... none, lol

6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004?
I don't know about this one, maybe a better work habit.

7. What dates from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Wow, there's a lot here. The Dear Friends - music from FINAL FANTASY - concert, Graduation night of high school, finally being able to rest and do nothing for once in summer, and every day starting from UCLA Welcome Week!

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Getting into college! And graduating too, haha.

9. What was your biggest failure?
Not learning how to play Texas Hold'em earlier, lol.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?

11. What was the best thing you bought?
The iPod! Although really my Dad bought it, not me, but ok.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
I don't know about this one.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
My parents, and most of the relatives on my Mom's side of the family. Ugh.

14. Where did most of your money go?
Food! Mostly from going out to eat with friends during summer and the school year.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
This is gonna sound really nerdy, but looking through my favorites list one day, and discovering that Ace finally finished his Pokemon Master fanfic, after a number of years. Read it here, if you want

16. What song will always remind you of 2004?
Ok, this really isn't a song, but Mike Liu going "Hahsahn, Hahsahn, Hahsahn!" to the tune of the music used on the Six Flags commercial is always going to remind me of 2004.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:

i) happier or sadder?
Happier, definitely
ii) thinner or fatter?
Thinner, definitely
iii) richer or poorer?
Uhhh, probably richer

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Ahaha, studying

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?

20. How did you spend Christmas?
Just spent it at home with the family, while listening to the power of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Lol

21. Did you fall in love in 2004?
Ahaha, nope

22. How many one-night stands?
.______. None

23. What was your favorite TV program?
I guess if we're talking about American television, it'd be Chappelle's Show, and for Japanese television, it'd be Fullmetal Alchemist, definitely.

24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
Uhh, I don't think so

25. What was the best book you read?
Paul Auster's Leviathan, definitely

26. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Rush and Kansas

27. What did you want and get?
An iPod

28. What did you want and not get?
A life, haha

29. What was your favorite film of this year?
I dunno, I didn't really watch movies this year. Probably Spiderman 2

30. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I just went out to eat dinner with the family, hehe

31.What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
If emo, R&B, rap, hip-hop, and nu metal died, that'd make this year perfect.

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004?
I dunno, it didn't really change much.

33. What kept you sane?
Music? I don't know

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
I don't really pay attention to celebrity news

35. What political issue stirred you the most?
The increasing role of religion(read: Christianity) into politics and law

36. Who did you miss?
Lol, I dunno

37. Who was the best new person you met?
AAKASH, definitely

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2004:
Sometimes people aren't as stupid as they look or would like you to believe

39. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
Any escape might help to smooth
The unattractive truth
But the suburbs have no charms to soothe
The restless dreams of youth

So.... 2004. I just spent the New Year watching the countdown on television, as the tradition dictates, haha. It's not the same without Dick Clark, but oh well. This was one hell of a year.

In music, the whole downslide in American music that started in late '92 continued, with moronic artists like Kelis, Maroon 5, Ashlee Simpson, and honestly, any R&B and rap artist gaining brief but huge success. Even with all that crap, though, 2004 was still a great year for American music, as we got one of the best albums ever, which took 38 years to make, Brian Wilson's SMiLE, the follow up to Pet Sounds. This year also gave us a great new album from U2, a revival of sort of Guns N' Roses in the form of Velvet Revolver, Rush's 30th Anniversary, and the revival of Indies! Haha

Japanese music was just absolutely insane this year, too. We had a great new album from L'Arc~en~Ciel after a 4 year hiatus(or HAYATAS) and the first performance by them in the United States. This was an insane year for the pillows, as we got a crazy 4 new albums from them, one of them being a tribute album, and a 15th Anniversary DVD special as well. We also got new albums from ayumi hamasaki, BUMP OF CHICKEN, Garnet Crow, Janne Da Arc, LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, Tsukiko Amano, and Utada Hikaru(even though Exodus sucked, haha). Woohooo

This was a really, really bad year for television.. we got a ton of really bad reality shows, the gay OC, and a bunch of really bad sitcoms. I guess the only saving grace we had this year were Chappelle's Show and the love-it-or-hate-it The Simple Life.

I didn't really pay attention to movies or games this year, so I guess that'll be it, haha.

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's make 2005 a great year.
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Kurisimasu [Dec. 25th, 2004|05:24 pm]
[music |Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Mad Russian's Christmas]

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you all get interesting gifts and exchanges!

For Christmas this year, the gifts I got were money... lots and lots of it, lol.

Remember to follow the American tradition of watching It's A Wonderful Life on NBC, everyone.

In other news, Black Mages 2 is out. Time to rockkkkkkkk

Oh and yesterday, there was a new adaptation of A Christmas Carol that aired on NBC, with all these celebrities acting out the roles. Kelsey Grammer(aka Frasier) as Scrooge doesn't work, since Scrooge isn't supposed to be gay, but Jane Krakowski as the Ghost of Christmas Past = hotness
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2004|12:32 am]
[music |the pillows - Good Dreams]

I should really update this more often so that I remember all the stuff that goes throughout these weeks.

Anyway, to continue from where I left off last time, while we were in Linda's room during Halloween, she has music playing through her Windows Media Player playlist the whole time, and then all of a sudden, El Mundo Ideal comes on.. you know, the Spanish version of A Whole New World, used in the Aladdin film? She somehow got her hands on the mp3 of this song, and once it starts playing, we all start to sing along with it, like a bunch of drunken guys in some beatup bar. Which both amuses and disturbs me, since I don't even remember the lyrics anymore @_@ but they all still do, word for word. God, that brought back bad memories of Belcher.

I'm noticing that we're all starting to procrastinate more, even though finals are getting ever closer. For example, Texas Hold'em.. it used to be a once-a-week thing, and now it's any day is possible. There was this great instance in which I was in Wesley's room reading up on the Chemistry chapter, while Wesley was doing Computer Science homework, and Aakash kept urging Mendez to go 1-on-1 with him in Poker, and after about 5 minutes of coaxing, Mendez accepts. After he accepts, I say I want to join in too, and right when I say this, Wesley says he wants to join, which results in a half-hour game. After that's done, Aakash challenges Mendez again to 1-on-1, and again after 5 minutes of coaxing, he accepts, followed by me joining the game, and then Wesley. Hahaha. This goes on for at least an hour and a half, and right when we decide that we've procrastinated enough, Lilly Su from the other side of the hall comes in and sees us playing, and then invites us to play, and then we all get dragged into a huge Poker game which takes up the rest of the night. We also later went out in the city and bought us our own set of chips, which cost a little over $30, further extending our gambling addiction. Lol

Another great instance of super procrastination is after dinner, when me, Linda, and Wesley head back to his room to study.. right when we come into the room, Aakash jumps right out of bed and challenges us all to Big 2, so we play that for a half hour or so. Linda then sits down on the ground to read her Life Science book, and Wesley, instead of studying, starts to look at funny "classic" pictures on his computer, and after a while, I play a little bit of Stepmania(or DDR, whatever) on his computer, which brings Linda over, so she then does the Chobits opening, and... fails it. Lol. After this, Wesley then starts to look through some videos on his computer, and then Linda takes over, and she then goes to his anime folder, and opens up a Cardcaptor Sakura episode that I got waaaay long ago. It turns out to be the Alice in Wonderland parody episode, and so we spend the next half hour watching this, the whole time Linda commenting on how cute and pretty their costumes are, while I comment on how gay and pedophilic they are. Hahaha. After the episode finishes, we then have what I think is an hourlong discussion of our names, which oddly enough, begins when Aakash tells us that we shouldn't have adopted English names, and should have kept our Chinese names and romanized them. Our argument against this is that it makes our names really hard to pronounce for other people, but he says that "You guys shouldn't have to change your names for anybody!". Eventually, we end up writing our names in our respective languages on paper for each other, which leads to me dying in laughter at Aakash's name. Aakash is Indian, and for some weird reason, his name in his language looks like a bunch of numbers. His last name is like 1387210. Supposedly, that is pronounced Shah.

Speaking of Aakash, he's really become the center of attention these days, and that's in the good way. Every time we have lunch or dinner, no matter who's with us or how many people are with us, the topic of discussion is always Aakash! Besides the hilarity in the lack of things that he knows, he also has never had sex education, slit a guy's throat for his birthday one time, and was State Champion for Chess. More on these in the paragraphs that follow.

So, he's never had sex education. Seriously. Apparently, in his school, when they were going through Biology, they just went did Botany, and didn't bother doing any sort of anatomy studies, so Aakash is totally blank on this kind of stuff. Which, of course leads to us constantly making fun of him for this. Best instance being when we're in Chili's one day, and Aakash says, "I have a cup..", followed by the whole table bursting in laughter. When he said that, he accented the A, which made it sound like "I have 'A Cup'"!. This leads to an hour and a half discussion on trying to explain to him what he just said, until finally it ends when we're outside and pass by a Victoria's Secret, which causes Wesley to point at one of the models pictured on the store and ask Aakash "What's the first thing you notice about that girl?" Lol

And then there's the slit-throat story. Apparently, on his friend's birthday, Aakash was looking at his friend's knife, which had a big skull inscription on it, and thinking that it was cool, he stared at it and started to wave it around. Now, according to Aakash, his friend, from far across the room, just suddenly started charging at him in full speed, and waving the knife around, Aakash ended up slitting his throat. It wasn't fatal, but there was bleeding involved. So now this whole incident has us all scared whenever we see Aakash handling a knife, and it leads us to many debates involving who's fault was it, motive, etc.. Funny stuff

Now, Wesley mentioned in his journal earlier of the whole debates involving the issue of Aakash being Vegetarian. Believe it or not, these debates went on even further! So to reiterate, Aakash is a Vegetarian, who doesn't eat meat, pretty much just eats cereal every meal, refuses to eat eggs BUT drinks milk, because they are a "gift of God". In his religion, Cows are god. Also, if he sins by eating meat, he apparently has to go to India and swim in this Holy river there that cleanses sins. So, this leads us to a million different HILARIOUS discussions, involving lots of phrases like "Is it a sin to eat a Cow's toenail since it isn't living tissue?", "What would happen if you were swimming in the Holy river and a fish jumped into your mouth and you swallowed it?" to "If a mad cow started attacking you, what would you do?". This then leads us to the 2 final, and funniest statements, which are "If you were stranded on a grassy island with only a cow, and you started praying to God asking whether to eat the cow or the grass(since eating the grass would take away the cow's food source), and after praying, all the grass burned away, leaving a fire, and the cow floated over and started cooking itself, what would you do?" and "If a military force invaded India riding on Cows, what would happen?". So far, he hasn't answered these two. So, if you guys have any further suggestions on how to extend the argument, feel free to comment :D

I guess for the final story of this entry, last week, while in my room, I got a call on my cell phone all of a sudden, and I have caller ID, and I look on the ID and it says that it's Wesley Cell. Okay, no problem, so I pick it up, and a girlish voice asks "Is Wesley there?". Now, it sounds to me a lot like Wesley impersonating a girl voice, so I then jokingly say "Shut up, Wesley, that's not gonna work on me!". Then, the voice asks if Wesley is there again, and at this moment, I realize that it's his mother on the other line. I completely forgot that during this week, Wesley left his cell phone at home. Which means that I just said shut up to his Mother! Haha. Luckily, I think everything turned out all right.

Thanksgiving was fun, although I didn't really do much. Woke up at 1 PM, and didn't do much of anything, then went to a cousin's party around 6. Turkey is great every year, but me and all of the other kids at the party just spent the whole time watching the dude's TV, which had TiVO on it. Now, every damn kid here loves OC, so they end up watching like the last 5 episodes or so that debuted in the past five weeks. So with nothing else to do, I decide to watch it with them, maybe give the show a chance after getting a really bad impression of it the last time I watched an episode of it. And... my opinion of it doesn't improve at all after the 5 episodes. Hahah. It's such an unrealistic show, filled with all this drama that wouldn't normally happen, and what makes it worse is that all of the kids around me that were watching it were like in tears at "the sadness of it all". There was this one scene that had me dying in laughter, namely, where you find out that the protagonist girl has been having an affair with her yardboy throughout the entire summer, and the yardboy then finds out about her relationship with the protagonist, and so they have a conversation in her front yard, arguing like a bunch of juveniles, and they end up making out at the end of the conversation, and right when they start doing this, the protagonist pulls up on the driveway and spots them, increasing the drama even further. Lol.

I guess that'll be it for this time. I'll try to write some material with real substance in it next time. Haha. For now, enjoy a picture(s) of the coolest hair ever!!!11

Hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving.
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And I Ran, I Ran so far awaayyyyy [Oct. 31st, 2004|01:16 am]
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So classes have been really interesting and a lot more difficult than I expected. Math is the easiest by far, and we have a professor that has a really, really heavy East European accent, so me and Wesley are constantly cracking up at everything he says. Anyway, the midterm was really easy, which is surprising, considering it was all on vector calculus, which is the test that I completely FAILED last year in HL Math, getting the second lowest score in the class, next to Tom Qiu. Hahaha. I remember not being sad or anything about failing the test because I was too busy laughing at Tom. English is really weird, as we're reading a book called The Corporation, which argues throughout itself that big business is corrupt, has too much power, controls our lives, that kinda stuff. Which has nothing to do with English, but oh well. And finally Chemistry, where we have a super deep eye socketed professor with a heavy English accent with a taste for rock 'n roll. Even with all that, it's really hard to stay awake in his class, a problem which would later come to bite us all in the ass on the midterm when we find out that half of the stuff on the test is material that's not covered in the book or notes, and are just things that he said in class. Lol.

So life here has been really good and kickback, even with midterms looming over our heads every three weeks. Me and Wesley have been playing a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 recently, most likely because it's a hell of a lot more cheap to play it than DDR(25 cents as opposed to one dollar). Go Morrigan!

Speaking of DDR, take a look at this:

YESCollapse )

So Jeffrey Mendez has been spending more time with us, which is cool, especially when we watch Lakers Basketball, because he screams at the screen and constantly insults the player, with phrases ranging from "ATKINS YOU SHIT WHERE'S THE SHOT?" to "Brian Grant gets paid $13 million, one for each dredlock". And of course, Samaki Walker was on the opposing team, so you can guess who most of his comments were directed at.

We've also found an award-winning formula for eating up our time too. It involves Me, Wesley, Mendez, Linda, and any other people going to eat for a meal. What happens is that we'll eat, and then all the other people will leave first, and then Linda will start talking about how she ate too much, and that she'll get fat if she continues doing so, and that she should really stop eating this much, and afterwards goes to get more dessert. Hahaha. That's strong metabolism right there, folks. And of course, we have Mendez with his brilliant but hilarious comments at everything we do, and Wesley joking around about stuff that only me and him should understand, but somehow Linda and Mendez get it too. It's like we're the cast of Seinfeld, except that we're all Asian. Haha. And of course, this random joking about random things can go on forever until we find out that we're the only people left in the dining halls.

So I think a few weeks ago, I go to the arcade to watch some people play Guilty Gear, and this girl with really, really long hair comes in and starts to play on the DDR machine... and she owns. I'm just amazed at her skill at the game, so I talk to her for a bit after she's done, getting her name, and she even gives me a free game! Haha. And so a week passes, and me and Wesley are at the arcade again, and she comes in again, and I say, "Hello..." and trail off, because I forgot her name! So for the next 5 or so minutes, while she plays, I'm beating myself up in my mind for not remembering her name, since it's really unique. But I eventually get around to asking again, and she ends up eating lunch with us, which is cool, because then we all find out how similar we all are. The highlights of the conversations are when we see the expression on her face when I tell her how much gigs of music I have, and when Wesley tells her how much Belcher just killed me in Spanish 3, in which she goes "OH I OWNED SPANISH!", which at the moment is just unbelievably funny for some odd reason. And of course, during that whole time, Wesley is constantly making jokes that only me and him should understand, but she somehow gets them too.

Wesley's roommates are really cool, especially Aakash, who varies between having God's luck and plain stupidity when playing Holdem, one instance which is all fresh in our heads where he bet a large amount of his stash on his 3-7 hand, beating us all on the river. It's also weird how unaware he is of a lot of things, the biggest example being that he doesn't know what pop music is. Hahaha. Jefe is really cool too, as he has an interest in Mortal Kombat, which is cool, since I thought all the MK fans died out long ago. It's weird how both of the roommates are avid Texas Holdem players, and also play Magic. Anyway, so Wesley's room has become somewhat of a haven for all the Holdem players on the floor, which is especially funny when they see the chips that we use, a combination of quarters, pennies, dimes, nickels, Jason Wang's chips, and the golden locker tokens that we steal all the time from the dining halls.

Last week was Halloween week, which was fun, especially to see how each of the floors decorated their halls in the contest. I had some stupid theme that involved bloody hands sticking out of doors, but Wesley's had the weirdest, which was Sesame Street Gone Wrong, with a huge banner with WHO KILLED BIG BIRD? at the end of the hall and a really scary Cookie Monster near the entrance. Anyway, sometime during dinner, Linda invites us all to her room to see her in costume, so me, Mendez, and Wesley go, and hilarity ensues, where we meet her roommates one by one, one of them being the head cheerleader at her former highschool(a fact that me and Mendez would retouch upon several times) and another having a crazy, in terms of distance, schedule. Linda was wearing some sort of Japanese Goth outfit, which was pretty cool, since she made most of it herself. Anyway, during this whole time, we're also helping her do her math homework, and by helping, I mean, actually doing them. Lol. Throughout this, her door is open, and at one point, one of the guys on her floor comes up behind her and goes BOOOO! and she screams. Now, most girls have a really high pitch scream, but Linda's scream is just.. I dunno, it's like what would happen if you were standing still in a field and a Boeing 747 just flew a foot above your head, but it's just LOUD, and me and Mendez go flying back. Hahaha. And of course, at one point during this, I point to her roommate's Spanish dictionary, which sends me and Wesley into a world of laughter. Again, inside joke there, folks.

Umm, I guess in other news, after 70 or something episodes of the second opening, One Piece(the K-F subtitle), finally started its third opening, which is cool. Go Nico Robin!
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